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Online Bingo Spends Millions on Advertising

A recent study has revealed that many online bingo companies are spending millions of dollars in advertising in order to attract players to their websites. In 2008, the top four spenders spent over £10 million on advertising. Their smaller competitors, which consist of the dozens of other online bingo sites on the internet, spent less than £5 million.

When operators are willing to shell out millions of dollars, it illustrates the massive appeal that online bingo has. The money they spend on advertising is money that online bingo companies are expecting back in profits. So, if someone is spending £10 million on ads, then they are confident that customers will be spending £10 million minimum while playing.

So, where does all of that money go? Since the UK government has been trying to ban online bingo television ads in order to encourage responsible gambling, operators have been thinking up different ways to attract players. While all online bingo operators buy adspace on other websites, most of their advertising budgets go towards attractive bonuses and promotions that will interest prospective players.

Take, for example, all of Costa Bingo’s bonuses and guaranteed jackpot. Those are free bingo promotional tools that are not only used to benefit their existing customers but to also gain new customers. More often than not, these bonuses can prove to be more successful and profitable than spending money on designing and creating television and print ads.